Introducing the One Score No Score Loan Program

Dec 20, 2023

Many potential borrowers are concerned that their credit score might hinder their chances of securing a mortgage. However, fear not! Our innovative “One Score No Score” loan program is specifically designed to cater to every type of borrower, regardless of their credit history. Whether you have a single credit score or no traditional credit history at all, we have a game-changing solution that can get you the financing you need.

Key Features of the “One Score No Score” Program

  • No Minimum Credit Required
  • Up to 65% LTV – Purchase:
  • Actual Score up to 700/No Score – Priced as 700 FICO: Even if you have a credit score below 700 or no credit score at all, we will price your loan as if you have a 700 FICO score.
  • Full Doc & DSCR: Our program requires full documentation and considers the debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) to assess your ability to repay the loan.
  • 24 Months Housing History (with 0x30): To qualify for our program, borrowers must have a 24-month housing history with no late payments (0x30).
  • No Reserves Required: our “One Score No Score” program does not have this requirement.

If you’re worried about your credit score being a barrier to securing a mortgage, our “One Score No Score” loan program is here to help. Connect with our experienced loan officers today to explore how our program can benefit you.