Jumbo Non-QM

Embracing a broader spectrum of borrowers, NonQmFunding.com proudly introduces a Super Jumbo mortgage program. This remarkable addition to our portfolio is designed to accommodate those seeking loan amounts of up to $5 million. With both Full Documentation and Alternative Documentation (Alt Doc) options, we offer unparalleled flexibility and accessibility to cater to diverse financial profiles. This Super Jumbo program sets the stage for more expansive opportunities, empowering borrowers to make their real estate dreams a reality, regardless of their loan requirements. Dive into the details as we unveil the advantages of this innovative offering in the following sections.

  • Loan Amounts $3.5M to $5M
  • Max LTV: 70%
  • Min Score: 720 
  • Credit Event Seasoning: > 48 Months
  • Max DTI: 38%
  • Occupancy: Primary Residence Only
  • Housing History: 0x30x24
  • Ineligible Borrowers:
    • Self-Employed Borrower / Business with < 2 Years in Operation / Production
    • Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers
    • First-Time Home Buyers
    • ITIN
  • Loan Purpose: Purchase, Rate / Term and Cash-Out
  • Bank Statement Documentation: Options for Self-Employed Borrowers
  • Asset Utilization: Allowed as Supplemental Income to Employment or Other Primary Source of Income When DTI Prior to Use of Assets is ≤50%, to Attain a Max DTI of 38%
    • Calculation: Qualified Assets (Sourced and Seasoned for 4 Months) Divided by 84 Months
  • Max Cash-Out: $1.5M
  • Property Types:
    • SFD/PUD/Condo (Warrantable/non-Warrantable) 1-Unit
    • Max 2 Acres
    • Farms/Rural Properties Are Not Permitted
  • Appraisal Requirements: 2 Full Appraisals
  • Declining Markets: 
    • Purchase & R/T Refinance: < of the Matrix LTV or Max 65%
    • Cash-Out: < of the Matrix LTV or Max 55%
    • Gift Funds: Permitted on Purchase Transactions, After 20% Minimum Contribution Towards Down Payments, Closing Costs, Prepaids, and Reserves Are Met from Borrower’s Own Funds

Contact our office to learn more about our Super Jumbo program. Our loan consultants are here to answer your questions.

Jumbo Non-QM