Non-QM Products for Primary Residences

Sep 26, 2023

As a leader in the Non-QM market, we offer loans for both primary residences and investment properties. Of course, the investment properties are using the DSCR calculations offsetting the expense with rental income, but that can’t be done with primary residences.

Non-QM loan programs don’t only apply to investment properties, we are seeing more and more borrowers looking for Non-QM programs for primary residence purposes. Either the loan amount is too large or perhaps it’s a non-warrantable condo or it could be a slew of other Non-QM loan scenarios, this is what we are good at, Non-QM.

Primary Program Highlights:

  • $4 Mil. loan amount
  • Self-employed borrowers
  • 50% DTI
  • 90% LTV for purchases, 80% for LTV for C/O
  • We allow mortgage lates, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and short sales

Investment Program Highlights:

  • $3 Mil. loan amounts
  • No income, no employment
  • Interest only options
  • .75 DSCR to 75% LTV

As you can see we offer quite a few programs helping borrowers obtain financing. A company needs to be an expert at the product that they are selling, and we are experts in finding solutions for borrowers using our non-QM loan product knowledge. We have closed loans that others couldn’t figure out how to structure the loan.

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