DSCR Loan Saves the Day

Apr 10, 2024

We’d like to share a scenario in which we just recently funded a DSCR loan that no other lender was able to accomplish, we got it done.

The loan involved a DSCR cash-out scenario with specific details such as the borrower’s FICO score of 695, a 60% LTV, and a purchase price of $450k for a California property. Despite facing a setback with the DSCR ratio falling below expectations, our team quickly adapted by using the lease agreement to meet qualification requirements.

Additionally, the borrower imposed a strict 30-day deadline for loan closure due to personal complications. Despite this challenge, our team exceeded expectations and closed the loan before the deadline. The collaborative efforts of our team were crucial in achieving this success. The borrowers were impressed by the efficiency and positive experience, leading to referrals from colleagues and friends

This is one of the highlights of the exceptional service and results provided by NonQmFunding.com, making it a reliable choice for professionals in the business world.

Feel free to contact to us discuss your scenario and how our team of experts can help with your real estate investment needs.